Pool Tips

Pool Tips

Daily/Weekly duties to maintain a healthy pool:


I do have a small document that was created by a pool builder and we have slightly added to.. a Cheat Sheet if you will of how to care for your swimming pool.. if this is something you'd like to have, let me know.  Call me or send an email and I'm happy to share that document with you.

  • Check your baskets, both skimmer and pump area, remove any leaves, debris or cotton wood that may have accumulated.  You may need to empty more that once a day in early spring or late fall (especially during cotton wood season).

  • Water level should always be at mid-tile level.  If you let it go lower then you could be sucking air in thru the skimmer basket area and thus not having the proper pressure thru the entire system.  We tell our customers that losing 1" of water per week is normal, from splashing, backwashing or evaporation.  If you're losing more than that then we suggest watching the water level, mark where it is with some tape.  Close your skimmer valve so no air can be sucked in.  Watch the level and see how quickly it's going down.  Does it stop just after the Skimmer inlet?  Or is it continuing?  Is it leaking only when the system is running?  Or is it going down when the system is not running too?  These things are extremely helpful when calling us to try and determine what is happening.  Call or Text us at 248-481-3345

  • Chemical balance should be checked/monitored weekly sometimes daily.  Check your chlorine levels, should be between 2.0 and 3.0; pH levels should be between 7.2-7.8.  Does your automatic chlorinator have enough chlorine pucks inside?  If you're using a chlorine floater check that as well.  Do you live in an area that has hard water?  Then you need to be sure you're adding Metal Out to your water.  Water clarity depends on chemical balance. 

  • Sand filters should be backwashed when the PSI raises 3-5 lbs over what it usually reads or we say to all of our customers, Once a Week Backwash.  Cartridge Filters should be hosed out and cleaned probably weekly as well, DE Filters typically 2-3 times a summer.  Again, water clarity depends on proper filtration thru the entire system.  Gals, think of it this way - that big filter back there is like a vacuum...if your vacuum bag in the house is full it won't pick up the dirt very good anymore, right?  That Filter is like that, if you don't backwash or clean the cartridges then you're not clearing out all the debris inside and it won't filter out and clean up the dirt in the entire system.   Simple as that!  :-). 
  • For tips on How Do I backwash.. head to Commonly Asked Questions Tab on this website

  • Cartridge Filters - remember to take out those cartridges and hose them thoroughly probably once a week.

  • How long should I be running my system?   Quite frankly you should run that system 24/7, as water that is not moving is basically a pond....especially when it's hot out during the summer with continuously warm and sunny days.  We tell all our customers that you should be running at the very least 10-12 hours a day.  Are you running out to your pool equipment and turning on and off your system?  You may benefit from some automatic timers, call or text us we can help 248-481-3345.

  • My Heater won't kick in or fire up?  Have you backwashed your system?  Have you emptied your baskets, all of them?  Simply doing all these tasks can clear up that problem.  Heaters are temperamental and need proper pressure, or good water flow thru your entire system in order to function.  If you've done this and it's still not kicking in check your pilot, has it blown out?  If the pilot won't light and you've tried several times, an old fashioned fix sometimes works - the pilot generator could be stuck.  Just like the old days when you or your Dad would hit the side of the TV to get the picture to come in, you can pound on the side of the heater, just above the door where you light the pilot.  This may "jiggle" the pilot generator enough so it will ignite.  If you've done all these things and still nothing, call us we can get you touch with a heater repair person, we don’t service them, but we refer to a company that specializes in just that.  Call us at 248-481-3345

For more tips go to "Commonly Asked Questions" Page here on this site.