Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions......

Question:  I have a Safety Cover on my pool and when I open it, it takes forever to clear up - What can I do?

Answer:  First of all, open as early as possible.  The sediment and algaes will form and be nasty to clear up.  The later you open the harder to clear.  Unless your willing to wait weeks you should have your pool Power Vac'd at the opening.  Even if you can't see the bottom, you must have it "Blind Vac'd" with a trash pump to get everything off the bottom.  After this you add the appropriate amount of chlorine to clear it as soon as possible.  The homeowner in most cases MUST Backwash their system or hose out the cartridges as much as 2-3 times a day until it clears.  (Generally 1 day).  

If you're a "Do-It-Yourself'er".. with a Safety Cover... some tips... open up a corner of the cover and pour in some liquid chlorine as early as you can.  A couple gallons helps.  Do this a few times if you're going to open late May or June.  If not, once should help.  Once cover is off, you'll need to vacuum the pool as slow as you can and backwash or clear out the cartridges OFTEN.  Pour more liquid chlorine into the pool and depending on how GREEN it is... really GREEN.. about 2 cases... less liquid chlorine the less Green it is.  You'll need to BACKWASH or CLEAR out the Cartridges a lot.. like 2-3 times a day until the water clears up.

Liquid Chlorine + Power Shock will help clear up the pool.  Backwashing is the most important thing you can do.  Even if you have me open your pool - YOU MUST DO THE BACKWASHING!!  Unless you want to pay $80.00 + for me to do it - it's simple and easy.  We can teach you in a matter of minutes and even over the phone.

This information is provided to those who are "Do-It-Yourself'ers" and can probably help.

Another Tip from one of our customers.....when closing the pool and you have a Safety Cover....take a gallon size Zip Lock Bag...put a couple of chlorine pucks inside along with a portion of kids styrofoam noodle (so it will float)...poke a few holes in the bag.  Maybe make Two (2) of these and place on either end of the pool.  Now put on the Safety Cover.  This will slowly dissolve over time - freeze - then thaw and dissolve.  This can help with some of the "greenish" color once cover comes off, if you open early enough.  Also some folks have taken one corner off of cover in the spring so it opens a tiny bit, poured some liquid chlorine in...then go to other side of pool and do the same thing....put back corners of cover and when taken off later, it's not as bad.  You'll still probably have a greenish pool but may not be as bad.  Worth a try!


Question:  How long should I be running my system?   

Answer:  Quite frankly you should run that system 24/7, as water that is not moving is basically a pond....especially when it's hot out during the summer with continuously warm and sunny days.  We tell all our customers that you should be running at the very least 12-15 hours a day.  Are you running out to your pool equipment and turning on and off your system?  You may benefit from some automatic timers, call us we can help 248-481-3345.


Question:  My Heater won't kick in or fire up?  

Answer:  Have you backwashed your system or cleared out the filter cartridges?  Have you emptied your baskets, all of them?  Simply doing all these tasks can clear up that problem.  Heaters are temperamental and need proper pressure, or good water flow thru your entire system in order to function.  If you've done this and it's still not kicking in check your pilot, has it blown out?  Or do you have Electronic Ignition?  If that is the case there is no Pilot to light and you may need Service (I can recommend a great Heating & Cooling company that I refer all my clients to). If the pilot won't light and you've tried several times, depending on the age of your heater, an old fashioned fix sometimes works - the pilot generator could be stuck.  Just like the old days when you or your Dad would hit the side of the TV to get the picture to come in, you can pound on the side of the heater, just above the door where you light the pilot.  This may "jiggle" the pilot generator enough so it will ignite.  If you've done all these things and still nothing, call us we can get you touch with a heater repair person, we don’t service them, but we refer to a company that specializes in just that.  Call us at 248-481-3345