About Us

A Little Bit About Us......

Ultimate Pool Service, Inc. was established in 1996, by Ken Clements in Southeastern Michigan to offer an inground swimming pool service company committed to quality, dependability and personal service at a reasonable price.  We are located in Waterford and Redford, MI since 2006.  Ultimate Pool Service was purchased from Assemany Bros. Pool Building Company back in 1996 where we built up the customer base to where it is today. 

We realize that your backyard is a place where you entertain, relax and play.  An extension of your home and personality.  Prompt service and quality repair is our reputation.  We are confident that we can meet any need you have.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.  Our dedicated staff is committed to working to that need and we are able to do whatever it takes to keep our customers satisfied.  We have more than 50+ years combined experience with some of our crew, we are specialized so we can better serve you.  We may be small - but we are the BEST.  Our Customers know us and we know them!  Starting 2020 we are training our grown son's to learn the business.

We use only the best parts and supplies.  We are committed to quality, but do our very best to bring cost effective pool service to you.  We use the strongest chlorine & shock available, we use only non-toxic anti freeze at closings.  We use 60% non-foaming algaecide, we use 99.9% active ingredient Chlorine or Shock, we use all Schedule 40 PVC or 80 CPVC.  We use quality replacement parts.  We never cut corners or quality.

To better service our customers we take reservations for bookings.  We open/close over 200 pools so all calls are on a "First Call, First Service Area".  We always book our Openings and Closings within the same basic service area.  In other words, we can't open/close a pool in Plymouth and Bloomfield Hills the same day, or Dearborn Heights and Rochester Hills.  We start taking reservations in February for Openings.  Openings start in April as soon as the weather breaks and goes through May and June.  Obviously we can't open over 200 pools all in May so think about opening in April and getting that cover off so you can go out in the backyard to enjoy the view (remember you don't have to heat the pool just because it's open).  Same thing for the Closings - we start to take reservations in August for closings all in September and October.  One thing to keep in mind is, do you have a ton of trees in your backyard or in your neighbor's that will dump leaves into your pool?  If so, let's get that pool closed before they really start to fall - or you'll be scooping leaves daily or even by the minute it seems.  If you're a current Ultimate Pool Service customer - you already know that we'll be calling you to remind you to schedule that Opening or Closing.  We also call all of our customers/appointments the day before we arrive to remind you we're coming.  In all the years we've been in business, we have Never missed a scheduled appointment due to inclement weather (heavy rain or even snow). 

Due to the ever increasing cost of doing business (chemicals, gasoline for the trucks & so on) and now the huge increase in payroll we are forced to increase our pricing - we kept it at the same price for many many years.. but are now forced to increase everything all across the board.

Prices for Openings/Closings are as follows:  pool only pricing $475.00 (open or close); $525.00 for a pool with an attached spa; $625.00 ROCK Pools (pools with rocks surrounding or near edge, raised spa's, waterfalls; or commercial sized swimming pools), ROCK Pools w/ waterfall but no Spa $550.00, Blow Lines Only at Closing for pool only $200.00, Blow Lines only for Pool w/Spa $225.00. 

A Service call is $150.00 (for the 1st Hour) for us to show up and provide some sort of Service or Repair (other than Pool Open/Close, Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance or Blow Line).

Our business has and always will be based upon REFERRAL'S.  We've never had more than a line in the Yellow Pages and course now YELP.com and Angies List .   Our Customers have grown our business.  We're very proud of this and we Thank You Very Much!!!

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Call us today to assist you in any of your swimming pool needs -

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